Lenny the Lion
Interactive website design and build, including online Flash games and Android mobile app.
Choose a path video walk through save-a-life simulator. Flash programming, video editing and transcoding, HTML5/javascript consulting.
Interactive E-learning module
3D exploratory learning tool. Swift3D enhanced.

Interactive Projects

  • Save-a-Life-Simulator - Choose your path video walk through simulator.
    Save-a-Life-Simulator Choose your path video
  • LootCrate Banner Campaign - Popover exploding LootCrate box HTML5 banners.
    LootCrate Banner Campaign Popover HTML5 banner
  • Carb Counting With Lenny - Android app, website & online games.
    Carb Count w/ Lenny Android App & web games
  • Shamrock Shimmy - Casino game iPad app for a audience participation live gameshow.
    Shamrock Shimmy Casino Game iPad App
  • iPad Droideka App
    iPad App- Lego Droideka 360° viewer experimental app
  • Blues Clues Puzzle Game
    Blues Clues Puzzle Game Online Flash website games
  • Interactive Maps
    Flash Maps Animated / Interactive Maps
  • Iraq war interactive image viewer
    Interactive Image Viewer Dynamically loads in images

Background / Bio

Bio Pic
Jeremy Heimer
Interactive Developer
Designer. Developer. Creative. Coder. Nerd. I am always on the lookout for future forward web work, motion graphics gigs, or interesting interactive initiatives. My foray into graphic design and the web began with an underground Xeroxed skate zine. Along the way, I realized I could not do some of the special effects the glossy mags were doing without some additional skills - so back to school I went. Annoyingly, I kept getting hired before my degree was finished. One evening class at a time here and there over the years, however, has now earned me a Bachelor of Digital Arts / Interactive Media degree. Currently a full-time RVer wandering the earth with a MTB bike and kayak.

Featured News

  • Jan 2018 Google DoubleClick HTML5 Studio Certified
    Reminder -- I am certified for HTML5 rich media banners through DoubleClick Studio. Badges include DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals, Dynamic Creatives, QA Studio, Google Web Designer and YouTube Mastheads.
  • Dec 2017 Carb Counting with Lenny app hits 500k+ downloads
    A while back, I reverse engineered a Medtronic iPad app and created for them the Android version for download from the google play store. Programmed in AS3 and packaged as an AIR application. Online Flash games playable here.
  • Nov 2017 Save-a-life simulator updated with Ricky Rubio.
    Here is a link to the original Flash plus HTML5 fallback choose a path video Save-a-Life Simulator. I was tasked to complete the Flash version in a rush over a weekend. Current (YouTube hosted) iteration here.